How To Know When It’s Time To Change Careers


Thinking About A New Career?

There are a lot of people who are unhappy with their employment situation and often think about the steps that they should take to successfully change their career. That’s the reason why I’m writing this article, to encourage you to not let anything keep you from moving forward and bettering your life situation.

Many have successfully changed their careers and greatly improved the quality of their lives and you can too.

There’s some good news in that we all have the ability to learn and it’s never been easier to successfully change careers due to the enormous amount of research that can be done on the internet on just about any topic. Is a career change really a good idea right now?

Here are 4 things that make people think about doing something different with their lives:

  1. They are bored at work – Are you bored once in a while or every day? Is there a more fulfilling job available in your workplace that you can do? Is there a change in the daily routine available that can get rid of the source of boredom? Do you need another company or another career, or both?

  2. Not enough income – Can you check out the possibilities for advancement in your present job and career situation? Would a better position and a rise in income, in the same field, be all that’s needed?

  3. Talents not being used – Is there another position available where you can better use your talents and do something more fulfilling? You might consider talking to the boss to see if you could make some changes to use those talents and perhaps even get a pay increase in the process.

  4. Health issues – Are you physically unable to comfortably perform the present duties at work? Is it harder because of the age factor and stress on the body? Maybe it’s time to evaluate yourself for the years ahead, what would you like to be doing 5-10 years from now?

    Sometimes after considering these things one can tell for sure if the idea of completely changing careers is right for their situation. Of course you must take family into consideration.

I would say that most often there is a real learning curve that takes place with your new career choice and the income might take many months to build up to what the person is currently earning. It’s a must to have a good plan in place so that you can make it through the growing period and still maintain a certain comfort level.

You Gotta Have a Plan

Many would like to change their careers and they might go out looking for another job and find themselves in the same situations in a few years time. This is serious business due to the fact that we only have so many years in our working careers, and they go by quickly.

It’s very important to have more than just an idea but a plan to follow that will bring you where you want to be in your older years. Think about how you can help others in your current or new career. See the rewards in their getting what they need and you being financially rewarded for your service.

Make Sure Of What You Want

Do you have a real desire or a short-lived and poorly thought out idea that gets replaced every so often with another great idea? Most people fail for lack of planning and a short-sighted view. Will the change bring you happiness and fulfillment or simply more money, and stress to go along with it?


Source by Peter Mangini

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